2.5 == Awesomeness!



Sorry, this is not a request for help. (Just didn’t know where to say it)

NS 2.5 is awesome. Whatever you guys did, please keep doing it. Building and running a pure TS app is fast, smooth. Did I say compiling is FAST!!!


:slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Thanks, Jazmine! I passed on your note to engineering! We appreciate your kind words :slight_smile:


Great work, but i couldn’t find it is awesome. I couldn’t get the sample project run, when i follow the instruction.


Really sorry for that.

Can you post the error you got and at what stage? Also post the response from running tns info

Lets see if we can determine what could be wrong. TNS is great and awesome, believe me. Am sure the issues you are facing/having can be easily resolved.

Kind regards.



Have you been able to resolve the issue(s)?


@JamieA really sorry for late reply, I got trouble with version of RN, i updated, created a new project and Native Script works fine. Thanks for awesome works.


@congnguyen thats good news!