2.5.3, what's in it?



I just saw on npm that 2.5.3 is released. I can’t find any release notes. What is changed?




Release notes: https://github.com/NativeScript/nativescript-cli/blob/release/CHANGELOG.md#253-2017-march-21

Support for the updates in the Android SDK tooling.


With their latest update, Android deprecated some commands (deleted them completely), and moved others someplace else, commands that the CLI depended on to check android dependencies, to get installed API levels, as well as to start and work with emulators.

And the fact that Android Studio invites you to install updates at every opportunity, so we couldn’t just put warnings everywhere not to update. The temporary workaround was installing older android sdk tools. That is no longer necessary, as the 2.5.3 version can handle the March updates.


Thanks for the info!