"100 of 0 Plugins"? http://plugins.nativescript.org/


Hi, anybody else having trouble with http://plugins.nativescript.org?
I used to get around 450 plugins or so, now it’s only showing 100, and it says “Viewing 100 of 0 Plugins”:


Oh, and now this. It’s unpredictable:


I’m seeing the same thing. Will look into it. Thanks for posting


Third variation: “Viewing 0 of 0 Plugins”.

Refreshing page gives random results.


oh dear. try this one: plugins.nativescript.rocks


Ah, thanks.
I notice there are slightly less plugins/addons on there?
Why are there two such sites? Run by different people?


UPDATE: I was cheering too soon… Seems not solved yet


Seems to be NOT YET solved now:



Hi guys,

We are aware of the issue and are working on solving it. Sorry for the caused inconvenience.

Best regards,


Thanks, much appreciated :slight_smile:


Back in business, looks like :slight_smile:


Awesome, Jen :slight_smile: :nativescript:


And the number of plugins has increased! 474 and counting


@nativescriptrox - The reason for two sites; is because PNR (plugins.nativescript.rocks) has been running for over a year longer than PNO (plugins.nativescript.org), I started my site first.

In addition PNR now has a better filters and eliminate “dead” and “bad” and “duplicate” plugins… When PNO was first released; it had better filters and picked up more plugins. Since that point, I have done several upgrades to my data collection system that picks up more and eliminates other things.

For example take this plugin: http://plugins.nativescript.org/plugin/nativescript-livesync ; I renamed it over a year ago. PNO shows it. PNR doesn’t. I actually have in my database over 570 plugins, however, there are a lot of things that pass some tests and fail others and so it will be automatically hidden until they work. No point in advertising plugin xyz; when it doesn’t work or is no longer valid… So basically the 60+ plugins additional on PNO don’t work; and so PNR automatically removes them from the list so that you aren’t wasting your time trying to install or use them… :wink:

Some other features NS.rocks offers:

  1. Categories
  2. Search filters on everything (not just name)
  3. Sorting on most columns
  4. Separate lists for 2.5, 3.0 and all plugins
  5. Tied into some other soon to be released services… :wink:
  6. Top Author lists, and list of top author plugins.
  7. More platforms detected and more icons for quickly knowing what it supports.
  8. Renders extremely fast, even when loading the largest PNR page http://nativescript.rocks/all.php (i.e. all 400 plugins) is still rendered in less than ~1.5secs, where just loading and rendering the first 100 plugins the PNO site is currently around ~7 secs.

Some things PNO offers:

  1. Prettier
  2. Has the docs show on the site.
  3. Two separate views (card & line item)

I can’t say what features are coming to PNO, but I have a whole list of additional features coming to PNR, some of them the data is already collected, but haven’t revamped the front end yet to show it. :wink:

Nathanael A.


Awesome, thanks for the detailed explanation! :slight_smile:


We have brought the official plugins site in house, and it will most likely be reworked down the road. You can always check npm as well.


Another “experimental” NativeScript plug-ins site to try is here:

Currently someone’s internal side-project, so no guarantee that’ll be there forever, but provides a nice alternative view of looking for NativeScript plugins. Give it a try. Let us know what you think.


@roblauer - Nice site you have created there. I love its clean lines, it really is a work of art. :+1:

It is also much faster then PNO, not as quick as PNR, but pretty close. :wink: Any chance this is what PNR will become, since you work for Progress; or is this some sort of weird side project?

Some of the stats seem to be calculated wrong, but very impressive I must say.

Nathanael A.


Here’s the scary thing, Rob built in in like a weekend. I don’t think it will be the final plugin hub but I love it too!


It is a very nice site. Very impressive. Some of the pieces are are very much how I want to make my site look. :wink: He has given me a great template to draw inspiration from. :smiley:

Wonder if he used my data gathering scripts I built for PNO as the base for it, that would certainly bootstrap his development a lot by allowing him access to all the data he needed. IMHO that is the hardest part of the process.

Nathanael A.


nsplugins.com was built for fun, partially to satisfy an engineering itch, and also as a companion to the “official” plugins.nativescript.org (much like plugreg.com complements the Cordova registry).

@NathanaelA it doesn’t use anything from plugins.nativescript.org, it’s completely standalone. I’d be curious what stats you think are off?

Also, the long term vision for plugins.nativescript.org revolve around creating a larger “marketplace”, so nsplugins.com will most likely remain yet another way of discovering {N} plugins!